Why Should You Never DIY Plumbing Projects?

Why avoid DIYing plumbing projects?

Do-It-Yourself, or DIY as we generally call it, is a tradition most homeowners take pride in. But it is not always the best approach to home improvement or repair. Some tasks are better left to professionals. Plumbing is one of them.

Why, you may ask, so here we’ve outlined some reasons why you should not DIY plumbing projects around the house and call a professional instead.

1.    You Could Make a Wrong Diagnosis

Just like you go to a doctor for a confirmed diagnosis of your health condition, you should only trust a professional plumber to figure out the underlying issues in your plumbing system. They have expert knowledge, skills, experience, and eye to spot problems you may miss , so there’s little to no risk of an inaccurate diagnosis. You may think it’s just a small drain clog of gunk choking your toilet, but your entire drain line could be clogged. DIYing the project may give you temporary relief but may not resolve the problem. In that case, it will recur, making all the time, effort, and money you spent on fixing it, go to waste.

A professional plumber can get down to the root cause of the problem, which you often cannot do.

2.    You May Not Know the Best Solution

There are almost always more than one ways to fix a problem. A professional can help you choose the best from them.

When DIYing, you may opt for the simplest solutions to your plumbing problems, but they aren’t always the best. Sometimes it’s better to go deeper and choose a more comprehensive and complex approach to fix the plumbing issues from within so they do not keep on resurfacing every now and then.

3.    You May End Up Worsening the Problem

DIYs aren’t always a success. It’s common knowledge. But when you’re dealing with a plumbing issue, there’s a lot at stake. Your one mistake can aggravate a small, easy-to-fix plumbing problem, turning it into a bigger mess that may require extensive repairs to resolve.

DIY attempts damage other parts of the plumbing system or home. A small plumbing leak can grow bigger and might damage the pipes, floors, walls, and ceilings if not dealt with properly.  It can also lead to mold growth. So don’t risk it. Call a professional to nip your small plumbing problems in the bud.

4.    You Likely Do Not Know the Codes

Like several other aspects of your house, there are laws that govern plumbing. The risk of not meeting them is quite higher with DIY plumbing projects because you may not necessarily be aware of the policies and codes regarding residential plumbing and may end up violating them unintentionally. This doesn’t just put you up for trouble with the governing authorities but can also affect the value of your property. Yes, that’s right. If your house plumbing doesn’t adhere to national codes and local ordinances, you may have trouble getting the best rate for your property should you ever decide to sell it.

5.    You May Not Have All the Right Tools

You may have a DIY plumbing kit with a few basic tools in it, but you may not have everything required to deal with plumbing projects. And with the wrong tools, you have a significantly higher risk of worsening the damage, turning a small issue into a bigger mess.

Specialized plumbing tools can be expensive, and there’s no point in spending big money on something you would use only rarely. But even if you do, what’s the guarantee that you will be able to use those tools in the correct manner?

6.    You Could Possibly Hurt Yourself

Plumbing may seem like a safer job. But that’s not exactly true. The risks involved in plumbing may not be like those involved in other home improvement and repair tasks, but it has its fair share of them. Using the wrong tools, lack of skills, and using tools the wrong way can all put you at risk of injuring yourself. Moreover, there’s a risk of injuries from flying debris and/or chemical splatters. While these risks are also present for professional plumbers, they know how to avoid them and are also better equipped to deal with them than a DIYer.

7.    There’s No Warranty

One of the biggest reasons to avoid DIYing plumbing jobs is that they do not come with warranties. Combine this with the high risk of things going wrong, as discussed above, and you will realize how bad of a deal DIYing plumbing projects can be. With a professional plumber, you don’t just get the satisfaction of getting the job done by someone who actually knows the work but also gets warranties for labor and/or products.

Forget DIYing – Call an Experienced Professional for Your Plumbing Projects

You may have done a few plumbing projects before, but just because those remain successful doesn’t mean you can carry out all plumbing repair tasks yourself. The risk of things going wrong is too high to take. So, it’s better to leave them to the pros with the knowledge, skills, training, and experience in fixing plumbing issues. Make sure you call a reliable one!

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