Keeping You Safe with Gas Pipe Repair in Monroe Township, NJ

The gas lines in your home serve an important purpose, even if you don’t think about them very often. Without a constant flow of gas, several home appliances may not be working at their best, or even at all. Systems in your home that are commonly powered by gas are cooking systems like your oven and stove, heating and cooling appliances like your home HVAC system, fireplaces, water heaters, and more.

Keeping these systems working effectively is one of the reasons why you should have your gas lines maintained on a regular basis, but this is only part of the issue. A gas pipe breakage or leak poses a serious danger to anyone in a home. Natural gas, the gas that powers home appliances, is difficult to detect but in high concentrations, it can be flammable and hazardous to breathe, calling for immediate gas line repairs as soon as a leak is detected.

Here’s an overview of how to detect issues with your gas line and what to do in the event of a leak or break in the gas pipes on your property.

How Can You Detect A Gas Leak?

When gas lines are damaged, the pipe can no longer hold its contents, which sparks an event called a “gas leak.” Because natural gas is so volatile, this can cause significant risk to those in a home and even nearby neighbors.

There are a few ways to detect a gas leak on your property:

  • Gas lines run underground on your property. If gas is leaking in the lines, some of it will seep upwards through the ground, damaging the grass and plants in that area. If the vegetation in certain parts of your property starts to die, it may be a gas leak.
  • You may hear a hissing noise in the places where the gas line connects to gas-powered appliances in your home. In some cases, connections may be damaged by the increase in gas escaping a damaged gas pipe.
  • You’ll smell the sulfur that gas companies add to natural gas for the purposes of easy detection. Most people know the signature, rotten egg smell that accompanies natural gas. If you smell this in your home, it’s not necessarily due to a damaged gas line. If, for example, the pilot light goes out on a gas-powered appliance, gas will run into the room.

High-Quality Gas Line Repair

It’s likely you won’t be able to find a gas leak on your own if a gas line is ruptured or split somewhere on your property. If you suspect there’s gas leaking from damaged gas pipes in your home, this qualifies as a plumbing emergency. Call Bob Hoegler Plumbing and we’ll have an expert out as quickly as possible to ensure you get the best gas leak repair in the Monroe Township area.

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