Hose Bib Repair and Replacement in Monroe Township, NJ

Your hose bibs, also called outdoor spigots, provide water outside of your home. While this is very convenient, these small metal installations are also exposed to the elements 365 days a year, meaning they can wear out.

You’d be surprised how much a leaky hose bib can cost you when it’s time to pay your water bill. Hose bib leaks are an under-considered source of considerable waste, and it’s time you made sure yours are in the best shape possible.

When you need to repair your hose bibs or replace one or more, it’s time to call the experts at Bob Hoegler Plumbing in Monroe Township, NJ. We have years of experience providing crucial plumbing services to homeowners. Here are a few things that can go wrong with your hose bibs, and how to avoid them.

Common Problems with Outdoor Spigots

There are two main issues that people commonly experience with their hose bibs:

  • A leaky hose bib is extremely common and near unnoticeable, especially if you like to keep a hose attached at most or all times. Unless the leak is significant, you likely won’t notice the water running out near where the nozzle meets the hose. If the leak is significant, you’ll lose water pressure when you attempt to use the hose, which is more than just a waste of water and money, it’s a major inconvenience.
  • Hose bibs are also known to freeze in the winter, as they are typically made of metal and always exposed to the cold, outside air. This can cause the spigot to break or spring a leak. Since the hose bib is like an access point to the pipes inside your home, a frozen outdoor spigot can also lead to freezing in your interior pipe system as the ice spreads through the pipes. This can cause more damage, including burst and cracked water pipes. Luckily, these common problems have simple and affordable solutions.

How We Can Repair and Replace Hose Bibs

To prevent freezing, make sure your hose bibs are free of leaks. This includes leaks in the shut-off valve, which can usually be controlled from wherever your water meter is inside your home. When hose bibs are dry in the winter, they are less likely to freeze. Also, make sure not to leave a hose attached during the coldest parts of the year.

Over time, hose bibs will inevitably spring leaks. You may not be able to prevent leaks, but you can address them by calling the expert at Bob Hoegler Plumbing. We can offer hose bib repair and show you the latest outdoor spigots on the market in the event you want to replace your hose bibs completely.

Call us today to learn more about hose bib repairs!

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