Why You Shouldn’t Delay Water Heater Repair

Why you shouldn’t delay water heater repair?

The unpredictable weather and the cold winds at the end of the year make it important to keep your water heating system in optimal condition. However, that isn’t the only reason you should pay close attention to it. A water heater in need of repair causes more than just inconvenience; it can consequently turn into a costly affair by becoming the root cause of multiple other problems.

If you notice irregularities, water leakage, or any other issue with your water heater, do not delay its repair. Nothing wreaks havoc around the house quicker than water and fire. In this case, water can become a lifelong affliction if you don’t get your water heater fixed immediately. Here are the top reasons why:

An Increase in Utility Bills

A water heater that is continuously leaking increases water use, which leads to an increase in the energy and water utility bill. If the water heater has a structural fault, it can be due to the build-up of sediments. Again, these sediments consume a large portion of the heart, leaving the water heating system to work double time, consuming more energy, and raising your utility bills.

It Cuts the Life of Your Heating System Short

The issue with your water heater can be small but never insignificant. A tiny, easily-repairable problem with the water heater can turn into a bigger one and reduce the life of your heating system. Delaying a small issue may have you replace the entire system, which can be very costly. If you are worried that you won’t be able to spot these minor repairs, we suggest setting up annual checkups of your plumbing lines and water heater system.

It Poses Health Risk

One of the most common issues with the water heating system is water leakage. It first becomes noticeable when the water pockets appear in the walls and ceilings. Most people ignore this issue, reminding themselves to take care of it when it’s time to paint the walls.

Unfortunately, water leakage is more than that just an aesthetic issue. It provides a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Moisture buildup also releases toxic spores that spread through the air, water, and animals. Before you know it, there’s mold on every wall in the house, and the residents are facing health complications such as red eyes, stuffy noses, wheezing, etc.  And if someone in the house already has asthma, the mold further aggravates the symptoms, triggering asthma attacks. Children and pets are also in a high-risk environment with so much moisture in the walls and the floors.

It Involves Hazards

A broken water heater can leak gas or lose control of the flames, both of which can be seriously hazardous to the family members and the house. Because leaking gas isn’t always spotted immediately, the experts should be called to repair it as soon as possible once the issue becomes noticeable.

Warranties Can Become Dull and Void

One of the many downsides of delaying water heater repairs, or taking matters into your own hands, is that the warranties become void. Losing the company’s warranty means you miss the chance to free repairs or repairs at a minimal cost.

It Can Cause Some Serious damage to Your Property

As we said before, small water heater problems can become big if they aren’t checked on time. Minor issues can pile up into major breakdowns. As a result, you won’t just have to pay a hefty amount to fix your water heater, but you will also have to pay for the damage to your property, such as wall repairs. To make sure you aren’t too late for the repairs, check your water heater frequently to notice any strange noises, the sound of gas leaking, issues in temperature control, etc.

Unpleasant Showering Experience

If you notice that your water heater isn’t heating as it should and you delay the repairs, be prepared for an unexpected, bone-chilling, cold shower.  Taking cold showers is not fun in the winter, as it can lead to cold, flu, and sickness long after you have stopped showering. You don’t want to subject yourself or your family to that. Therefore, call in the professionals before it comes to that.

Water Leaks

If your water heater is leaking water, even only a 24-hour delay in the repairs means lots of water usage. This can further lead to multiple problems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for water to start leaking. Even a small rupture in the line, a slight misalignment, or a loose pipe can cause massive water leakage. Delaying a repair like this can turn into a bigger problem real quick! Before you know it, you either have a pool of water in your house, mold growth, or permanent damage to the permanent surfaces of your home.

Lost Efficiency

The consequences of delayed repairs don’t always come in the form of hefty utility bills, health issues, or massive house repairs. Sometimes, they come in the form of extremely annoying minor inconveniences. If your water heater is suddenly making a strange rumbling or crackling noises, it means the sediments have built up. Ignoring this repair means letting the sediments build up and causing structural harm to the water heater. Now you are dealing with a water heater that has lost its efficiency. Be prepared to wait hours for the water to heat up every time someone takes a shower and probably run later every morning.

Always Have a Reliable Plumbing Service on your Speed Dial

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