Common Drain Questions

Clogged Toilet Repair

Your home’s plumbing is an integral part of your everyday life. From showering to washing dishes to brushing your teeth, daily tasks would be a lot less convenient without indoor plumbing. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. Here are some common questions about drains that our plumbing experts have answered for you.

Should I use liquid drain cleaner to fix a slow sink?

No! Drain cleaning chemicals are only a temporary fix. They clear a small hole in the blockage, but they can’t break up and remove the clog completely. Plus, repeated use of harsh chemicals can damage your pipes.

Instead of using chemicals to clear your drains, reach for a plunger or plumber’s snake. If you can’t get things moving, call a plumber for help.

How do I get rid of the strange odor coming from my kitchen sink?

Bits of rotting food, bacteria and mildew are enough to make your kitchen drain smell awful. Fortunately, you can remedy this in several natural ways:

  • Send a handful of ice cubes down the drain, and then grind them up while running cold water.
  • Pour vinegar down the drain with a stream of water while running the disposal.
  • Rip up orange, lemon or lime peels into small pieces and push them down the kitchen drain. Run cold water and grind up the rinds to neutralize rancid odors.

Is it normal for my sink to make gurgling noises when I flush the toilet?

No. This is a sign that your plumbing system has a ventilation issue or there’s a blockage in the bathroom’s main drain. If you hear gurgling in the sink when you flush the toilet, or the toilet bubbles when you turn on the shower, call a plumber immediately to diagnose and repair the issue before it develops into a sewer backup.

How do I keep my drains flowing smoothly?

It’s best to prevent clogs in the first place if you can. Here are some tips:

  • Put mesh strainers in all your sink, tub and shower drains.
  • Avoid putting stringy, starchy or fibrous foods down the disposal.
  • Never dispose of grease down the drain.
  • Pour near-boiling water down the drain occasionally to break up small developing clogs before they cause a problem.

How can I prevent a clogged toilet?

Make it a rule never to flush anything but human waste and toilet paper. Even “flushable” wipes, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues and other seemingly harmless objects can cause problems. If you struggle with frequent clogs, try using thinner toilet paper. A broken sewer line or tree root intrusion could also be to blame for your clogged toilet. A plumber can diagnose and repair these problems for you.

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